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GW20 20Amp Self-Test Weather Resistant GFCI Wall Outlet

Item No.: GW20

Description: 20 Amp, 125 Volt, 60Hz, Self-Test GFCI Outlet

Tamper-Resistant & Weather-Resistant

Residential & Commercial Grade, UL/Cul Listed E504391

Self-Grounding with Auto Copper Grounding Clip.

Fast and Easy Installation.


  • UL/CUL : E504391
  • Product Detail

    Weather Resistant GFCI Outlet


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    General Info

    Product Name: Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter
    Brand: Fahint
    Application Sector: Residential/Commercial
    Standard: cULus UL Listed
    Country Of Origin: China
    Warranty : 1-Year Limited Warranty


    Product Width: 1.71 in 43.5mm
    Product Height: 4.07 in 103.3mm
    Product Depth: 1.56 in 39.7mm

    Technical Information

    Voltage: 125V
    Ampere: 20A
    Frequency Rating: 60 Hz
    Trip Range: 4~6 mA
    Trip Time: ≤ 25 ms
    Function: Tamper-Resistant & Weather Resistant
    Wiring Type: Back and Side Wire
    Environmental Conditions: 95% Humidity, UL 94 V2


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  • Fahint’s self test GFCI tests itself even if you forget. Designed to meet the latest UL standard for auto monitoring (Self Test);
    Weather Resistant (WR) GFI is constructed with advanced UV stabilized engineering to provide superior corrosion, temperature,
    and UV resistance, preventing from discoloration and aging, ideal for outdoor use (recommend to install with outdoor protective covers).
    Ensures optimal safety: outlet self-tests every 15 minutes, ensuring it’s always ready to protect. Hidden tamper-resistant shutters protect against electric shock.
    If The Device Fails The Test, The Red Led Trip Indicator Light Flashes To Signal That The Gfci Should Be Replaced.
    If Critical Components Are Damaged And Protection Is Lost, Power To The Outlet Is Disconnected.

    What are the characteristics of GFCI?
    ■Self-test function
    Automatic self-test every 15 minutes to make sure it can respond to a ground fault
    ■Tamper resistant receptacle
    Tamper resistant devices can prevent children or other unexpected operation from electric shock to maintain a safe environment
    ■Quality assurance
    UL listed,every receptacle outlet is individually tested before it leaves the factory assuring buying confidence and trouble free operation for years to come.
    ■Indicator Light & Alarm Light (Combined)
    There are 2 Leds indicator inside the GFCI outlet. Dual function.
    Indicator light will be on green during operation;
    Alarm light will be on red
    Will flash when self-testing and will turn on immediately when GFCI is no longer provide ground fault circuit protection

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