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GF20 Standard Self-Test GFCI Outlet 20Amp

Item No.: GF20

Description: 20 Amp, 125 Volt,60Hz, Self-Test GFCI Outlet

Standard Residential & Commercial Grade, UL/Cul Listed E504391

Self-Grounding with Auto Copper Grounding Clip.

Fast and Easy Installation.


  • UL/Cul: E504391
  • Product Detail

    20A Standard GF20 Self-Test GFCI Outlet


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    General Info

    Product Name: Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter
    Brand: Fahint
    Application Sector: Residential/Commercial
    Standard: cULus UL Listed
    Country Of Origin: China
    Warranty : 1-Year Limited Warranty


    Product Width: 1.71 in 43.5mm
    Product Height: 4.07 in 103.3mm
    Product Depth: 1.56 in 39.7mm

    Technical Information

    Voltage: 125V
    Ampere: 20A
    Frequency Rating: 60 Hz
    Trip Range: 4~6 mA
    Trip Time: ≤ 25 ms
    Function: Standard Self-Test GFCI Outlet
    Wiring Type: Back and Side Wire
    Environmental Conditions: 95% Humidity, UL 94 V2

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  • Product Information

    Fahint’s UL/Cul certified GFCI receptacle offers electrical shock through advanced GFCI design as well as the fireproof poly-carbonate
    housing helps reduce fire risk.Trip and quickly stop the flow of electricty in the event of ground fault,easy wiring options: Back and side wire.
    Fahint’s UL certification stamp is a sign of a better quality product. This product has gone through many test procedures before getting its
    approval which makes it the safest GFCI. Test and reset buttons with Dual LEDs indicator to test the functionality of GFCI.
    20A Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) outlets receptacles not only for indoor use, but also suitable for homes, offices, hospitals, schools.

    Q: How about the quality? Did they go through the test?
    A: Our factories have a strict standard for the product process, and we have videos recording the testing process. I would advise you to check the datesheet or ask our consultant directly.

    Q: How do you ensure the quality of products before delivery?
    A: First,our products are made of high quality raw materials with strict process standards;Second,We will pack each product before delivery;Finally, we will check the goods carefully before you receive it.

    Q: How is the produced?
    A: strict quality standards not only we ensure , but we also have intelligent equipment involved in many of our production processes. Here is a video of the production line in action, which you can watch on YouTube.

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