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GTN15 Tamper Resistant 15A Industrial Grade GFCI Outlet With Self-Test

Item No.:GTN15

Description: 15Amp,125Volt,60Hz,Self-Test Industrial Grade GFCI Outlet.

Tamper-Resistant Shutter,Machinery Or Equipment Design No Output Terminal.

Nylon Material Resistant To Oil Pollution

Residential & Commercial Grade, UL/Cul Listed E504391

Self-Grounding with Auto Copper Grounding Clip.

Fast and Easy Installation.


  • UL/Cul: E504391
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    General Info

    Product Name: Ground-Fault Circuit Interrupter
    Brand: Fahint
    Application Sector: Commercial
    Standard: cULus UL Listed
    Country Of Origin: China
    Warranty : 1-Year Limited Warranty


    Product Width: 1.71 in 43.5mm
    Product Height: 4.07 in 103.3mm
    Product Depth: 1.56 in 39.7mm

    Technical Information

    Voltage: 125V
    Ampere: 15A
    Frequency Rating: 60 Hz
    Trip Range: 4~6 mA
    Trip Time: ≤ 25 ms
    Function: Tamper-Resistant
    Wiring Type: Back and Side Wire
    Environmental Conditions: 95% Humidity, UL 94 V2

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  • Fahint’s Self-Test GFCI added a layer of protection, the GFCI regularly conducts an automatic internal test
    to confirm that it can respond to a ground fault. Status indicator lights shows power and protection status as well as indication of line/load reversal.
    The green indicator will on but GFCI can not reset when user reversal Line/Load wire, and no power from the gfic outlet, which can provide safty protection
    Meet the latest UL standard UL943 2018 verison for Auto-Monitoring (self-test). Our complete line of self-test GFCIs periodically conduct an automatic internal test
    to confirm that it can respond to a ground fault.

    Q: How do you ensure the quality of products before delivery?
    A: First,our products are made of high quality raw materials with strict process standards;Second,We will pack each product before delivery;Finally, we will check the goods carefully before you receive it.

    Q: How is the produced?
    A: strict quality standards not only we ensure , but we also have intelligent equipment involved in many of our production processes. Here is a video of the production line in action, which you can watch on YouTube.

    Q: Do you have your own factory? Show me some pictures.
    A: Yes, we do have our own factories specialized our edge protection system.You can get more info about our factories from our website and Youtube

    Q: Do you have any videos or images about the testing?
    A: We will be offering various testing videos and you can subscribe to our YouTube to get our latest updates.

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